Fighting Skills

There are numerous kicks and punches to learn and master throughout your Taekwondo journey. Here are the basic ones that you will be taught during classes at Chelsea Taekwondo Club.

Turning Kick: this is the most frequently used technique in Taekwondo competitions. They are fast and powerful. You will be able to reach the chest at first, and soon you will be flexible enough to reach your opponent’s head.

Axe kick: very effective in competition. It is used to hammer your opponent’s head. Keep your guards up though, as this is a relatively slow technique and could be jammed by your opponent.

Back Kick: can be used to surprise your opponent. Very efficient kick when you decide to counterattack.

Side Kick: you may not generate enough power to score in competition, but this is a frequently used defensive technique. By extending your heel fast and hard towards your opponent’s body, you jam their attack.

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