Welcome to Chelsea Taekwondo Club!


My name is Cy, and I give Taekwondo classes in West London to both kids and adults.

Chelsea Taekwondo  Club teaches the Olympic style Taekwondo (also called WTF Taekwondo), you can find more info about the specific techniques of the Art here.

Chelsea Taekwondo  Club holds 4 classes a week: 2 for kids and 2 for adults, in 2 different locations in Chelsea, West London. You can find the exact time and location of my classes here.

Please note that I also offer private lessons: this could be beneficial if you have never tried a Martial Art and feel intimidated at first, if you want to boost your technique and fitness level, or if you simply need tailored lessons at a time fitting in your busy schedule.

More info about the fees for both Classes and Private lessons here.

If you liked what you read, if you are looking forward to kick / punch / run / jump, if you are motivated to improve your balance / lose weight / get more toned, you MUST come and train with us in Chelsea!

Looking forward to seeing you and/or your kids joining us!