Club's Policies

First steps at Chelsea Taekwondo club

Before starting to train, the first step is to become a member of the British Taekwondo and acquire Insurance.

This is required by the British Taekwondo and the law in the UK.

Membership and Insurance are a legal requirement to train at the Chelsea Taekwondo Club, progress in level and take part in competitions.

In order to become a member of the British Taekwondo and acquire insurance, the student needs to complete the British Taekwondo membership form which is provided by the instructor.

Additionally children who wish to train at the club need to complete the Child PAR-Q Screening Form which is provided by the club.

Finally students are expected to attend the classes wearing the appropriate WTF taekwondo uniform. The necessary equipment can also be acquired at the club.


Grading in the club takes place every term.

Like many martial arts, Taekwondo has ranks called ‘geup’. The grading in Taekwondo consists mainly of patterns, ‘poomsae’, techniques and theory. Theory is displayed verbally and expresses information on Korean words, vital information such as the rules of the sport and a general understanding and knowledge of Taekwondo.

New students begin at 10th ‘geup’ (white belt) and advance down in number to 1st ‘geup’. After gaining their 1st ‘geup’, the students then advance into an intermediate rank and they become a “black belt candidate”. That follows a ‘dan’ test, after which the student becomes a ‘1st dan black belt’.