‘Geup’ ranks and belt colors

The colored belt system represents the progression of a student from white, the innocence of a beginner to the maturity of the black belt, who is impervious to darkness and fear.

The coloured belt sequence from white to black is as follows:

  • White Belt (10th kup): Signifies innocence, as that of a new student who has no previous knowledge of Taekwondo.
  • Yellow Tag (9th kup): Interim stage between white belt and yellow belt (white with yellow stripe).
  • Yellow Belt (8th kup): Signifies earth, from which a plant sprouts and takes root as the Taekwondo foundation is being laid. 1st pattern (Taegeuk 1).
  • Green Tag (7th kup): Interim stage between yellow belt and green belt (yellow with green stripe). 2nd pattern (Taegeuk 2).
  • Green Belt (6th kup): Signifies the plant’s growth as the Taekwondo skill begins to develop. 3rd pattern (Taegeuk 3).
  • Blue Tag (5th kup): Interim stage between green belt and blue belt (green with blue stripe). 4th pattern (Taegeuk 4).
  • Blue Belt (4th kup): Signifies the Heaven towards which the plant matures into a towering tree as training in Taekwondo progresses. 5th pattern (Taegeuk 5).
  • Red Tag (3rd kup): Interim stage between blue belt and red belt (blue with red stripe). 6th pattern (Taegeuk 6).
  • Red Belt (2nd kup): Signifies danger, cautioning the student to exercise control and warning the opponent to stay away. 7th pattern (Taegeuk 7).
  • Black Tag (1st kup): Interim stage between red belt and black belt (red with black stripe). 8th pattern (Taegeuk 8).
  • Black Belt (1st Dan): Opposite of White, therefore signifies the maturity and proficiency in Taekwondo. Also indicates the wearer’s imperviousness to darkness and fear. All the patterns.

Black belt – Dan ranks

Dan ranks increase from 1st Dan to 10th Dan

Generally a ‘Dan’ black belt is either a plain black belt or has a stripe across the tip for each rank, usually gold. For example, a 5th Dan could have five gold stripes across the end of the belt.

All British Taekwondo members receive ranks of 1st Dan and above issued from the Kukkiwon (Korean certificate for grading). To participate in the Olympic Games all black belts must be registered this way.

Taekwondo teaches more than just physical fighting skills and defensive techniques. It is a discipline that shows ways of enhancing our spirit and life through training our body and mind.